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Hearing of the miracles G-d performed for Bnei Yisrael,
Moshe's father- in-law Yitro arrives with Moshe's wife and sons,
reuniting the family in the wilderness.

Yitro is so impressed by Moshe's detailing of the Exodus
from Egypt that he converts and joins the Jewish People.

Seeing that the only judicial authority for the entire Jewish nation is Moshe
himself, Yitro suggests that subsidiary judges be appointed to adjudicate
the smaller matters, leaving Moshe free to attend to larger issues.
Moshe accepts his advice. 

The Bnei Yisrael arrive at Mt. Sinai where the Torah is offered to them.
After they accept, G-d charges Moshe to instruct the people not to
approach the mountain, and to prepare themselves for three days in order to
receive the Torah.  On the third day, amidst thunder and lightning, G-d's
voice emanates from the smoke-enshrouded mountain and He speaks to the
Jewish People, giving to them the Ten Commandments:
1. Believe in G-d
2. Don't have other gods
3. Don't use G-d's name in vain
4. Observe the Shabbos
5. Honor your parents
6. Don't murder
7. Don't commit adultery
8. Don't kidnap
9. Don't testify falsely
10. Don't covet

After receiving the first two commandments, the Jewish People,
overwhelmed by this experience of the Divine, request that Moshe relay
G-d's word to them.  G-d instructs Moshe to caution the Jewish
People regarding their responsibility to be faithful to the
One who spoke to them.