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Moshe Rabbeinu exhorts Bnei Yisrael to keep Shabbos,
and requests donations for the materials for the construction
of the Mishkan (tent of meeting).  He collects gold, silver,
precious stones, animal skins and yarn, as well as incense
and olive oil for the menorah and for anointing.

The princes of each of the twelve tribes bring the precious stones
for the kohen gadol's breastplate and ephod.

G-d appoints Betzalel and Oholiav as the master craftsmen
for the building of the Mishkan and its vessels.

Bnei Yisrael contribute so much that Moshe begins to refuse donations.  Special curtains with two different covers were designed to serve as the
material for the Mishkan's roof and door.  Gold-covered boards
set in silver bases were connected, and formed the walls of the Mishkan.

Betzalel made the aron hakodesh (holy ark), which contained the Tablets,
from wood covered with gold inside and out.  On the ark's cover were two
small figures facing each other, with wings arching over the ark.

The menorah candelabra and the shulchan (the table with the showbreads)
were also made of gold.  Two altars were made: a small incense altar
made of wood overlaid with gold, and a larger altar for the purpose of
sacrifices made of wood covered with copper.