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G-d tells Moshe to command the Jewish People to supply
pure olive oil for the menorah in the Mishkan (Tent of Meeting).

  He also tells Moshe to organize the making of the bigdei kehuna
(priestly garments): A breastplate, an ephod, a robe, a checkered tunic,
a turban, a sash, a forehead-plate, and linen trousers.

Upon their completion, Moshe is to perform a ceremony for
seven days to consecrate Aharon and his sons.  This includes offering
sacrifices, dressing Aharon and his sons in their respective garments,
and anointing Aharon with oil.

G-d commands that every morning and afternoon a sheep
be offered on the altar in the Mishkan.  This offering should be
accompanied by a meal-offering, and libations of wine and oil.

G-d commands that an altar for incense be built from acacia wood
and covered with gold.  Aharon and his descendants should
burn incense on this altar every day.