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It is two years later.  Pharaoh has a dream.  He is not satisfied with
any of the interpretations offered to explain it.

Pharaoh's wine chamberlain remembers that Yosef accurately
interpreted his dream while in prison and Yosef is released.
Yosef interprets that within a short time there will be seven years
of abundance, followed by seven years of severe famine.

tells Pharaoh to appoint a wise person to store grain in
preparation for the famine.  Pharaoh appoints him as viceroy to
oversee the project.  Pharaoh gives Yosef an Egyptian name,
Tsafnas Panayach, and selects Osnas, Yosef's ex-master's daughter,
as Yosef's wife.  Egypt becomes the granary of the world.

Yosef has two sons, Menashe and EphraimYaakov, hearing that
there is food in Egypt, sends his sons to buy provisions.  The brothers
come before Yosef and bow to him.  Yosef recognizes them,
but they do not recognize him.

Mindful of his dreams, Yosef plays the part of an Egyptian overlord
and acts harshly, accusing them of being spies.  Yosef sells them
food, but keeps Shimon hostage until they bring their brother
Binyamin to him as proof of their honesty.  Yosef commands his
servants to replace the purchase-money in their sacks.
On the return journey, they discover the money and their hearts sink.
They return to their father Yaakov and retell everything.

Yaakov refuses to let Binyamin go to Egypt, but when the famine
grows unbearably harsh, he accedes.  Yehuda guarantees
Binyamin's safety, and the brothers go to Egypt.

welcomes the brothers lavishly as honored guests.
When he sees Binyamin he rushes from the room and weeps.
Yosef instructs his servants to replace the money in the sacks,
and to put his goblet inside Binyamin's sack.  When the goblet is
discovered, Yosef demands Binyamin become his slave as punishment.
Yehuda interposes and offers himself instead, but Yosef refuses.