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Pharaoh finally sends Bnei Yisrael out of Egypt.
G-d leads them towards Eretz Yisrael with pillars of cloud and fire
on a circuitous route avoiding the Pelishtim (Philistines). 

Pharaoh regrets the loss of so many slaves and chases the Jews with his army.
The Jews are very afraid as the Egyptians approach, but G-d protects
them.  Moshe raises his staff and G-d splits the sea, enabling the Jews to
cross.  Pharaoh, his heart hardened by G-d, commands his army to
pursue, whereupon the waters crash down upon the Egyptian army.

Moshe and Miriam lead the men and women, respectively, in a song thanking
G-d.  After traveling for three days only to find bitter water at Marah, the
people complain.  Moshe miraculously produces potable water for them.

In Marah they receive certain mitzvos.  The people complain to Moshe
and Aharon that they ate better food in Egypt.  G-d sends quails
so they can have meat and provides them with manna.

It is a miraculous bread that falls from the sky every day except Shabbos.
On Friday a double portion descends to supply the Shabbos needs.
Nobody is able to obtain more than a daily portion, but manna
collected on Friday suffices for two days so the Jews can rest on Shabbos.
Some manna is set aside as a memorial for future generations.

After the Jews complain again about the lack of water,
Moshe miraculously produces water from a rock.

Amalek then attacks the Jews.
Joshua leads the Jews in battle while Moshe prays for their welfare.